Ancient 1999 video of me touting my “product” the Reverend Ed Televangelist Starter kit. The satire came from of my experiences growing up in the bible belt and witnessing the televangelism of the 80s & 90s. I think the video has some new relevance with the spread of the “doctrine of prosperity” so popular in Trump’s America. In essence, the “doctrine of prosperity” says that if you believed in god enough you wouldn’t be poor, and if you are poor, it’s your own damn fault and people who are rich and therefore more “godly” have no obligation to help the unrighteous, poor through their own fault.

Original “Order Today Make Jesus Happy” song composed and performed by Dr. Loreta Kovacic with backup singing by me and infomercial videographer and editor José Figueroa.

Video of 1997 performance piece “Sunday Afternoon at the Sleet-Mart.” Prior to leaving Russia, I sold off all the stuff didn’t want to take with me at an ad-hoc market at a far suburban metro station. Most vendors were selling new products from China, I was selling crap. When the mafia who managed the market came by to collect from the vendors, they looked at my underwhelming display and gave me a 50% discount.

Videography by the late and very great David Bienn. Video editing by Kevin Fraley.