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This Is Not an Exhibition | Houstonia Feb 2014

IN THE ART WORLD, there is such a thing as being too popular. It happened to the Impressionists, and it certainly happened to Surrealist René Magritte (1898–1967). Even if you don’t remember his name, you’d probably recognize his work. Magritte’s 1964 ...
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Fotofest Turns Its Focus to the Arab World | Houstonia Mar 2014

ONCE EVERY TWO YEARS, Houston becomes the center of the photographic world. The FotoFest Biennial is one of the most important festivals of its kind on earth, drawing an international array of artists, curators, gallerists, and collectors. Normally, the organization chooses ...
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Forrest Bess: An Artist Laid Bare | The Texas Observer Jul 2013

“Forrest Bess: Seeing Things Invisible,” on display at the Menil Collection in Houston, contains two shows. One presents Bess’ paintings, the other presents the biographical residue of his life. The approach contains a challenging paradox: While Bess’ seemingly simple paintings ...
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